Lite (2006) The Full English (2005) South Of The Delta (2004) Shut Up And Take A Seat (2002) Not In My Back Yard (2000)

The Full English (2005)

Shut Up And Take A Seat Cover
  1. Liquify (Full Version)
  2. Don't Hide Yourself Away (Full Version)
  3. Time Stands Still
  4. Let Me Be Me
  5. And You Dream (Full Version)
  6. Cambrai
  7. One In A Crowd
  8. The Other Side
  9. Down So Low
  10. Another Place

Recorded between October 2004 and March 2005

Sleeve notes

All songs written, arranged, performed, and produced by BAiT between October 2004, and March 2005 at Granny's Studios, Coventry and Chez John, Nuneaton.

Chris Johnson - Vocals and all guitars
Line6 Variax 500, Epiphone Les Paul guitars, Line6 POD XT Live, Digitech Whammy; Peavey Precision bass guitar, Behringer Bass V-Amp.

Nick Nugent - Vocals and keyboards
Hammond XK-2, ARP Pro Soloist, Korg MS2000, AKAI Z8 sampler (Mellotron and Taurus bass pedal samples), Roland A-70 mother keyboard, Roland XV-3080 sound module.

John Chivers - Vocals and drums
Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute drums, Zildjan, Paiste, and Stagg cymbals, Roland SPD-S sampling module.

Recorded using Yamaha AW-4416 digital mixing desk and Steinberg's excellent Cubase software on a PC.

Thanks as always to family and friends for their continuing patience and support, especially Emma, Murron, and Philippa, and Andy P for his continued encouragement and support.

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For Tracy.

All songs copyright BAiTBAND Music, 2005
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