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South Of The Delta (2004)

South Of The Delta Cover
  1. Pocketful Of Sky (Full Version)
  2. Boldly Go
  3. Spin
  4. South Of The Delta (Full Version)
  5. Ringroad
  6. Playing The Dead (Full Version)
  7. 15th Floor
  8. Wordsworth (Full Version)
  9. 2B
  10. Can't Explain
  11. No Sir Girl
  12. 25
  13. The Answer
  14. Leave On A High

Recorded between June and December, 2003

Sleeve notes

Chris Johnson
Vocals, Lead / Rhythm Guitar
Andy Pitcher
Vocals, Bass Guitar
John Chivers
Vocals, Drums
Nick Nugent

All songs © 2004 BAiTBaND Music
Recorded between June and December 2003 at Granny's, Coventry.
Engineered and produced by BAiT, using new-fangled equipment.

South of the Delta started with the departure of Dan Hall from the band at the end of 2002; New Year's Eve to be precise, when the BAiT that was played its final covers gig to a group of grateful revellers in Radford Semele. At the time, the band had already returned to working on original music as a three piece - i.e. Chris, Andy and John. The decision was made to concentrate on writing more immediate and accessible music as a three-piece, so Andy brought along some previously-penned tunes, Chris took over the vocals, and John put his mandolin away and concentrated on hitting things.

Little did they know that the group was about to be transformed with the arrival of a certain Nick Nugent on ivories (well, plastics) in February, 2003. Five songs were under development at the time and were re-arranged for keyboards. Nick's choice of keyboard sound added a wide sound to the band, resplendent with Hammond organ swirlyness and haunting Mellotron string and choir sounds. And so, the five tracks were polished, arranged and recorded. Then techno-madness struck...

Having finished the five tracks, the band decided to change its recording approach completely. John's drums were individually sampled to produce a set of quality recorded drum sounds which could be played on an electric kit; the band moved from stand-alone hard-drive recording desk to PC as its de facto recording platform and recording of the album was started from scratch in June, 2003.

After six months of blood, sweat and tears (and mirth, wind and fire), the vocals were completed almost a year to the day since the band last set foot on stage. Two months of work mixing and mastering the album followed, the result of which is in your hands. From our point of view, this CD represents a fresh step on the path to meeting our own target of where we need to be: to you, it represents another 10mm on your CD rack.

We hope you enjoy the album. Happy listening, and we hope to see you somewhere out on the road. For more information on our current activities, gig schedule and bad habits, take a peek down the World Wide Weboscope at our website. is the universal resource locator you'll be requiring.