Nick Nugent - Vocals and Keyboards

Live Electric Set Equipment Details

Hammond XK-2
ARP Pro Soloist
Korg MS2000
AKAI Z8 sampler (Mellotron and Taurus bass pedal samples)
Roland A-70 mother keyboard
Roland XV-3080 sound module

Live Acoustic Set Equipment Details

Roland A-70 mother keyboard


Belfast, Northern Ireland.


B.A. Hons in Geography with qualified teacher status from Warwick University, 1999.

Early Musical Background

Musical Irish family. Attempted cello and piano aged 9, but preferred kicking a ball. Ball prevailed. Hammered piano to Beatles, Deep Purple and Genesis. Banned from piano by popular demand. Learned to play by ear (to a fashion). Bought Minimoog, banned from home.

Musical Likes

Flaming Lips, Grandaddy, Pulp, Magazine, Radiohead, Ash, Supergrass, Divine Comedy, Anything Mellotron.

Hobbies / Interests

Women, Southern Comfort, CCFC, hot cooked chickens.

Photography by Marcus Grant