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Present and past members' personal and associated band websites

BAiT on MySpace BAiT's page on MySpace.
Chris Johnson Chris' website.
John Chivers John's website.
Nick Nugent Nick's page on MySpace.
Godivaride Andy's page on MySpace.
Kill Clouseau Side project covers band comprising Chris, Nick, and John.
Kill Clouseau on MySpace Kill Clouseau's page on MySpace.
Ben Campbell BAiT's guitarist between 2001 and 2002.
Dave Perry Current project of BAiT's guitarist (2000-2001), Green Man Rising.

The facilitators

Pick'n'Styx Modern rehearsal rooms located in the centre of Coventry, offering four rehearsal rooms, each kitted out with backline and P.A.; a lounge area, and refreshments.
Pete Chambers Coventry music scene aficionado and author of 'Godiva Rocks', which features BAiT.
BURBS BURBs - The only alternative is the mainstream!
Bailey Guitars Bailey Guitars is a guitar-building course run by Mark and Carol Bailey. Reviewed with great praise by Guitarist magazine (June 2000), the course has been very successful. BAiT alumnum, Dan's workhorse guitar, Claire, was built on the course.

Other music-related links

Planet Mellotron THE resource on all things Mellotron. Andy Thompson has spent years putting together this site which includes a discography and reviews section of music featuring the Mellotron. You name it, it's there! Incredible!

Some of our musical comrades in the locality

Leni Ward Leni is a talented acoustic singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist. She performs beautifully crafted songs with great stage presence.
Beneva Beneva deliver memorable harmonies and skilled musicianship. With Malcolm on guitar and Nathan on the piano, they both sing to create thoughtful and lilting harmonies against a delicate acoustic backdrop.
Hobo Exile Hotel 'The hobos exist somewhere in the gap between Radiohead and Muse, only about 500 times more intense. They’re loud, stirring and heartbreakingly beautiful in their fragility'.

Some of the venues we have played or will be playing

The Golden Cross, Coventry Set in the heart of Coventry and the closest venue to the cathedral, the Golden Cross is the oldest student pub in the city and has a lot of character.
The Colosseum Formerly the Tic Toc, the Colosseum has always featured some great live acts.
The Jailhouse Situated conveniently close to the police station and law courts in Coventry city centre. Some good nights there.

When you can't see the originals...

Fragile Oh Yes! It can be done! These guys are fantastic. If you're going to set yourself an impossible task, do it in style! A very fine Yes tribute band who are very much worth seeing. Check their website for news and tour dates.
The Musical Box Whilst we're on the theme of tribute bands, The Musical Box do a mighty fine job of recreating the Peter Gabriel era of Genesis, complete with full replica stage sets, lights, and slides.
In The Cage Another Genesis tribute band. This time UK based and covering the whole range of albums from the 1970s. An excellent live act, these guys are well worth seeing.

Not necessarily BAiTesque, but we like 'em!

Genesis A particular favourite of Nick and John during their Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett era, both Nick and John still manage to annoy Chris and Andy during rehearsals by jamming Watcher of the Skies or The Cinema Show. Smashing, super, great.


Websites devoted to John's favourite band (outside BAiT, of course), those pioneers and troopers of Prog - Yes. Featuring his review of a concert.

Jethro Tull

What to say about this band fronted by former Scottish Businessman of the year? Genius! Particularly splendid in their unashamed folk rock days.

Led Zeppelin

Purveyors of pounding rock. Mick Bonham (John 'Bonzo' Bonham's brother) saw BAiT in their early days as an all-original band. What a rhythm section!

Spock's Beard A fine bunch of musicians, keeping the real music flame alive.
Rush Another bunch of loony Canadians. A member of the Emmerdale cast on bass and a pen-wielding, motorcycling, philospopher on drums. Oh yes, and the typically often overlooked Alex Lifeson on guitar.

Car Companion Web-based national car sharing scheme developed by our resident drummer. Well he likes to keep himself amused, you know.
Historic Coventry Fantastic website presenting the band's hometown in pictures. See how Coventry looked before it suffered coventration in the Luftwaffe's Operation Moonlight Sonata on 14th November, 1940. Highly recommended, particularly the Now and Then section.
Progressive Rock resource page - news and links to all things prog - old and new!


John's wife, Emma, who suffered serious head injuries after a car accident as a child is a former member of this national organisation.

Coventry University

The hallowed hall of learning attended by Chris, Andy, and John (although not all at the same time).

He's not the Messiah - He's a very naughty boy!

Wilf Lunn Remember Wilf from Vision On, Jigsaw, Euruka, and other classic programs? Wilf is still busy making bicycles and other fantasic gizmos! Very funny site.
Reg Sputnik - Astral Investigator See Reg playing with hs Kinetic Nebular Orbital Bibliophone.


Pure and innocent 70s nostaligia. An excellent page featuring sound clips, lyrics and background information.

Pylon Spotters We knew they were out there somewhere.