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2007 News Archive

26th May 2007: The three final songs

Despite the break-up of the group in March, we resolved to complete work on mixing the three songs we recorded last year. This work was done over the last few weeks and was completed today. The three songs are a fitting end to our work over the last few years.

All three came about as group compositions, and Andy later added the main lyrics and melodies. The recording process was long and drawn out, the drums having been recorded in June last year and the remainder of the instruments a short time thereafter. Once Declan became involved in the band, our attention turned to getting the band out on stage again and the recording process took a back-burner.

The three songs were to be the first of the tracks to make up our next album, but alas it was not to be. Instead, we are glad that we at least finished these three, which hinted at an even more clearly-defined band sound.

We're happy with how the three tracks have turned out and believe they are a fitting end to the BAiT story.

Thanks for listening!

The tracks can all be heard in our jukebox on the Sounds page.

24th March 2007: The End of the Line

BAiT LiveAfter a lifespan of just over ten years, I'm sad to report that we've decided to call it a day today, following a mammoth six hour discussion on the future direction of the band.

It's quite simply the case that there is no coherent vision of where we'd all like the band to go and the members are split down several different lines on various issues, from musical direction to preferred line-up of the band. The phrase 'artistic differences' applies absolutely here, even if it is a cliché. The decision has not been made lightly, but is the only realistic outcome, given the situation and whilst nobody is particularly happy, we have all parted on the best possible terms.

BAiT has played its last... almost...

There is still the matter of the three songs we recorded in the last half of last year, which still require some parts to be recorded and then for these to be mixed. We will be completing this work over the coming weeks to provide the band with a fitting end to its work and we will post this work on the website once it is finished.

We'd like to thank all those who've supported us over the years, with a special mention to our families and girlfriends, who've put up with us, friends who've put us up (rehearsal wise), such as Silke, John and Dee, our old management team Julian and Ian, Jeff for the gigs, and of course the former members, Dan, Dave, Ben, and Declan.

The website will remain here and there will be occasional future news updates regarding individual members' musical endeavours outside the band, including solo efforts and any outside group work, such as Kill Clouseau and Godiva Ride. There may also be future musings on BAiT's back-catalogue.

Signing off on behalf of the band... John

Over and out.

31st January 2007: Another vocalist hunt and BAiT down-time

Sorry it's been a while. Following our high of a gig with GPS in October of last year, things have been a little quiet on the BAiT front.

Following the last gig we did, we resumed work on recording vocal parts for the three new tracks we recorded last year. Following a day's hard work, Declan delivered some great performances on the tracks and band sound guru, Chris, has taken the tracks away to play with them. As a change, Chris alone will be working on mixing the tracks, since mixing as a group has proven to be a tough task in the past, and, frankly, Chris has the best handle on the physics of sound in the band. Bloody engineers!

In the intervening weeks, trying to meet as regularly as we are used to has proven impossible. Declan fits right in with BAiT as a person, but geographical distance, Declan's other music and work commitments, and BAiT's gruelling rehearsal/writing/recording schedule are against us.

Because of this, the band has met infrequently, and even if we did manage to forge a further three new songs by the close of the year, writing without a vocalist as an active fifth member member of the writing team just isn't as easy as it used to be. We asked Declan if he would be happy to go back to being a session vocalist for the band, whilst we seek out a new vocalist, and he has very kindly agreed.

Nevertheless, the band members have all been busy with their side projects. Declan, Chris, Nick, and I have now done a few covers gigs under the name Kill Clouseau and things are going very well in a very relaxed and fun working environment, which has necessitated very few rehearsals. Andy in the meantime has been writing more solo work and has done the odd solo acoustic spot.

And as I write, there may be interesting things afoot re the vocalist position...