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28th December 2005: BAiT on radio again

Pete Chambers featured BAiT once more on his Sound Chamber programme yesterday evening on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire radio. Pete spoke very highly of the band and the track Liquify was played. He was also good enough to mention the lead-singer position, so our thanks go to Pete once again.

Well, that about wraps it up for 2005. Hope you all enjoy the rest of the Christmas period and we hope to see more of you in 2006.

Click here to listen to the show (Windows Media Player required).

5th November 2005: BAiT seek frontman

BAiT are on the hunt for a dedicated lead vocalist. We have been managing very well thank you as a four piece, but just know that a dedicated frontman with a good stage presence would give us that extra we don't know what. Fancy a shot a making it five?

You will…

  • Be between 20 – 40 years old
  • Have a distinctive and flexible vocal talent
  • Live in or a reasonable distance from Coventry
  • Possess charisma, or least be prepared to work on a definite stage presence/act
  • Enjoy the company of creative and intelligent people, and contribute to the creative process
  • Be prepared to commit time and energy in completing what we believe will be an important and successful band.

If you fit the bill and are interested, send an email to and tell us some more about yourself.

10th October 2005: BAiT at the Beeb

BAiT on BBC Coventry & WarwickshireThis evening saw BAiT's first ever live radio performance on the Anita Miah show on BBC CWR on a show co-hosted by Pete Chambers featuring Coventry and Warwickshire bands. Pete very kindly asked us to appear as first band on the show, and we were delighted to oblige.

We played two acoustic songs live: In Her Eyes and Ocean Ride and had one song played from our electric material: Liquify.

BAiT with Pete Chambers at BBC Coventry & WarwickshireAll in all, things went pretty well, and we hope that this will be the first of many future performances in the media.

Looks like Pete's section of the show will be compulsive listening.

Click here to listen to the show (Windows Media Player required).

7th October 2005: When John met Jon

Jon Anderson and JohnBit of a name-drop this one, but this evening, on a last-minute decision I booked a ticket to go and see one of my musical heroes, Jon Anderson (lead singer of my favourite band, Yes) on the Birmingham leg of his solo tour.

After 17 years as a fan and several aborted attempts, I finally got to meet him after the show. I highly recommend any fans of Jon Anderson solo, Jon and Vangelis, or Yes to go and see him if you get the chance. He played a good mix of material and his vocal performance (and skill on his custom-built MIDI guitar, which triggered his backing) was amazing throughout.

I'll be pleased if I can play at all when I'm nearly 61, let alone innovate!

Don't forget to tune in to hear BAiT live on BBC CWR on Monday night between 20:00 and 21:00.


18th September 2005: BAiT on the radio

We are scheduled to appear as a guest of Pete Chambers on the Anita Miah show on BBC CWR radio on Monday, 10th October. This will be our first radio appearance and is likely to feature an interview and one or two acoustic tracks played live. The program is on between 20:00 and 21:00 on 94.8, 104 and 103.7 FM; DAB digital radio, or over the internet. Tune in and enjoy.

19th September 2005: BAiT back on stage

Yesterday evening, we made our first appearance on stage with the current line-up of BAiT to play the electric set at the Sunday Roastin' gig, headlining a day of 12 bands. We went on stage pretty much bang on time at 21:30 and played an hour-long set of material from South Of The Delta and The Full English.

So, after two years, two albums, some great times, and some bad times, the current (and best) line-up of BAiT to date finally managed to do what we love doing most of all - play live.

After some initial reservations about whether we could actually fit on stage, we did manage to do so and gave the audience a pretty good show. There was the odd hiccup, but overall it went better than we could have hoped, and the audience feedback was very positive, so a very big thanks to all you folks who came to see us and we hope to see you all again very soon.

Thanks must go to Dan and the One Glance Heroes for organising the gig (and for letting all the bands use their drum kit) and to our mate Mike of Pick'n'Styx for providing the P.A. and flying the sound desk.

Our next gig (unless anything crops up in the meantime) will be an acoustic gig at Scholars, Coventry next month.

Hope to see you then.

17th September 2005: Gig Postponement

Just a quick note to let you know that Thursday's scheduled gig at The Queen's Hall, Nuneaton, has been postponed until the 8th of December. Sorry for any inconvenience caused, but it's out of our (and the promoter's) hands.

On happier news, We are all looking forward to the gig tomorrow evening at the Sunday Roastin' at the Spencer Club in Coventry. We had our final rehearsal today and aside from Andy's toothache, all went well. Hope to see you there tomorrow. We are set to go on stage at 21:30, but why not pop along and catch some of the other acts during the day.


27th August 2005: More Live Dates

We are pleased to announce another two live dates to add to your BAiT diary. We play Queen’s Hall Nuneaton on Thursday 22nd of September and The Jailhouse Coventry on Friday 11th of November. Keep posted for more live date announcements soon.

Have you purchased our latest album The Full English yet? NO? Then don’t delay as these rare (and highly collectable) copies of the first run are selling out fast. Let us know if you want yours signed by the band. That’s service for you!

See you very soon.

16th August 2005: Live Dates and Acoustic Fun!

Great news! After two years and two albums, BAiT are finally back on the road. Gig bookings are picking up nicely, starting at The Spencer Club, Coventry, where we are headlining The Sunday Roastin' all-dayer on Sunday 18th September. We are on stage at 9:30. See here.

We are also playing an acoustic set at Scholars, Coventry on Wednesday 19th October. This is an opportunity to hear the band 'unplugged' in a relaxed candle-lit atmosphere. A great venue, so check it out!

Times are also busy at 'Bait Towers'. We are currently recording four acoustic songs for demo purposes. We aim to continue recording more material for a possible acoustic album. So watch this space soon for more details. Bongos Ahoy!

Finally, the remixed version of South Of The Delta is now available for purchase. This version of the album contains the live drum tracks John recorded in April to replace the old drum lines, which were recorded using samples of John's kit. Additionally, all the songs have been transformed during a complete remix process, built on the experience we gained during the mixing sessions of The Full English.

Anyway, we hope to see you out there very soon. Don’t forget to say hello.


23rd July 2005: Live acoustic appearance with Pete Chambers

BordersBAiT's first live performance with the current line-up saw us appearing in acoustic-only format in support of Pete Chambers' Godiva Rocks book-signing event at Borders book store, Coventry. The 40 minute set included songs from all four albums and featured Chris and Andy on acoustic guitar, Nick on keyboard, and John on mandolin and percussion.

Audience reaction to the acoustic set was very positive and the band was approached with a view to playing at Scholars in Coventry in the very near future. Photos from the appearance can be viewed here.

5th July 2005: BAiT acoustic appearance

Following on from Pete Chamber's article in the Citizen (see below), Pete has contacted the band to ask if we could make an appearance at the book-signing event mentioned and play a few acoustic numbers. Never the band to pass up a challenge, we are now developing a set for the occasion, which will feature all-original songs from BAiT's catalogue, albeit in a slightly different form. We also hope to add some acoustic gigs to our schedule over the next few months.

1st July 2005: Hot off the press

Citizen Article - 30.06.2005An article on BAiT appeared in Coventry newspaper, The Citizen, yesterday. The article, titled 'Take the BAiT or you'll be sorry' was penned by Pete Chambers, author of 'Godiva Rocks' (see below). The article can be read here. Pete will be holding a book-signing session at Borders Bookshop, Arena Park, Coventry on Saturday, 23rd July from 12:00 - 14:00.

17th June 2005: Three for free!

As we are in the process of sending out demo CDs to venues and the press, we thought it only fair to offer the three tracks on the demo for free download, so here they are:

These are three of the set of core songs to be perfomed at all upcoming gigs. Enjoy!

4th June 2005: BAiT appear in book on Coventry's music scene

BAiT have an entry in a new book on Coventry's music scene.

Godiva Rocks, which has been dubbed the ultimate book about Coventry and Rugby, Nuneaton and Leamington Spa music old and new, is packed with information on enduring acts and personalities from the local music scene.

Written by Pete Chambers, writer of the Backbeat column in the Coventry Evening Telegraph, the book appears to have been researched carefully and is the ideal coffee table book. It is available from local book shops and online from Amazon.

Click here to view the entry on BAiT and here to visit Pete Chambers' website.

26th April 2005: It's that man again! Andy... RickenBACK with a vengeance!

Andy rejoins BAiTWell... it’s been approximately 6480 hours since I last twanged a g-string with BAiT. I remember it well: 'twas a hardy medium-gauge down-stroke of a Gortex-smothered Elixir bass string; plucked during a summer’s afternoon jam of the Hawaii 5-0 theme with John while Chris and Nick were on a ‘vacance de fume’ in the rehearsal room car park.

Since then I’ve been playing with myself (quite a lot actually) in my attic studio, as well as finding myself in Washington DC (of all places) getting it together acoustic guitar-like with an old Cambridge band buddy during the week of the presidential elections.

The aforementioned ‘G’, ‘D’ ‘A’ and ‘E’ strings, tightly-wound, as they still are, pylon-like to my Rickenbacker 4001 - have remained silent and un-played ever since that fateful July day in 2004.

Astonishingly, it’s been over 20,000 hours (2 years!) since BAiT last gigged. In fact this current line-up – through no fault of their own - has never gigged. Having heard the recent remixes of South Of The Delta and the new, quite sublime (and thoroughly grown-up) The Full English album, I had to concur that this is a criminal state of affairs. BAiT must be heard and (as a long-standing co-conspirator) I feel I need to be part of that process once again.

Luckily John, Chris and Nick agree, so... SEE YOU ON THE ROAD!

All the best!

Andy Pitcher (Bass, Vox).

12th April 2005: Trip back down the Delta

The band were back in the studio today, albeit for a one day recording session. During our final recording sessions for The Full English, we had a go at re-recording the drums on the title track from last year's album, South Of The Delta. We thought we'd see how the track sounded with real drums as opposed to the sampled ones we used during the recording of South Of The Delta. With the new live drums, the track sounded so much better. Unfortunately, this made us realise we had no alternative than to redo the drums on the whole album.

So, on Saturday, we gathered at my house and Chris and Nick (fighting a bad cold) engineered and produced whilst I got on with the business of remembering how to play the tracks. By the end of the day, we'd got through the remaining thirteen tracks of the album. Phew!

Former bass player, Andy, popped in during the course of the mammoth session to see how we were getting on and seemed happy with what he was hearing. We're keen to involve Andy in the remix process, due to his involvement in the original recordings.

At the time of writing, we are at Nick's, working through the remixes. Once they are finished, we'll be updating the sound clips on the website, and, naturally, future purchases of South Of The Delta will feature the remixed versions of the tracks.

Laters! John.

24th March 2005: BAiT's new album, 'The Full English' now available

The Full EnglishAfter a busy few weeks, we can announce the release of BAiT's new album, The Full English. The album comprises ten tracks, starting with Liquify, which can be heard on the Sounds page or viewed as a video on the Video page.

The vocals for the final four tracks were recorded in record time during one day last month, so there is good continuity between the vocal tracks. The album contains the longest BAiT track to date, Cambrai, which runs to 12 minutes.

The breakfast on the front cover was prepared by Nick and consumed by the band after a night out at a local gig. The eggs were well done, the onions were sweet and the bacon was crispy.

You can now buy the album (and the rest of the BAiT back catalogue) on CD or in MP3 format using credit or debit card directly from the Music Shop page for only £6.00 (excluding postage and packing) on CD and only £3.00 as MP3s. For an indefinite period, we will be donating £1 from each sale of the CD to the Anthony Nolan Trust, which is the UK's largest stem cell and bone marrow register.

All credit card payments take place through PayPal's secure website, so you can shop with confidence.

26th February 2005: Final songs being recorded for BAiT's new album

JohnThe band is currently finishing off recording the instrumental parts of the album. The final four tracks have quite a different feel from the first six and a provisional track order has been fixed for the album, which mixes the recently recorded tracks among those recorded in November last year.

Once again, the process started at my house, where the drum tracks were recorded. We then moved back to Nick's house, where Chris put down the bass parts. The guitar and keyboard parts have all been recorded over the last couple of weeks, and Chris has been making the most of his new Variax guitar (see Chris' website for more information on his new toy and a very nice demo) for some very nice acoustic work on the more 'adventurous' of the four tracks, which clocks in at a stonking 11:44 (gasp!).

As I write, preliminary mixing is being done in preparation for recording the vocal parts, which will be done over the next couple of weeks. An album title has been chosen, and the artwork is almost completed now.

ChrisOn the down side, we still have not found the missing link - a new bass player. It looks like the quest for the keeper of the bass is set to go on for some time to come. Still, the auditioning process has been fun, and we've met a couple of extras from The League Of Gentlemen in the process.

Speaking of bass players, we've had a couple of recent visits from Andy, who has heard the new stuff and given it the thumbs up. Andy is currently concentrating on writing (literature) and has put his bass away for the foreseeable future.

So, things are coming along nicely (with the exception of the bass player), and we are looking at a probable release date towards the end of March.

Oh, and Chris has bought some new trainers.

Back soon.