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2004 News Archive

24th December 2004: Liquify your Christmas

We in the band just wanted to wish all the visitors to our website a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In the spirit of giving gifts at this time of year, we have decided to make available one of the new tracks we have recorded for the new album. Liquify, one of the six tracks from the upcoming album is available for free download, both as an MP3 and a Windows Media video clip. We recommend that Windows users right-click on the download link and select Save Target As... to save the file to disk before playback. You will need at least Version 9 of the Windows Media Player, which is available free from the Microsoft website, here.

The video was filmed during the recording sessions for the new tracks. We will be developing the videos further in the New Year, as well as working on the final tracks for the new album, which we hope will be available by April 2005. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the video and/or MP3 and have a great Christmas and New Year.


15th November 2004: Six and counting...

JohnApologies firstly for the lack of recent news updates, but the band has been pretty busy. Since the last update, and in the absence of a bass player, we have put together six songs, recorded initially as demos. Over the last three weeks all the final instrumental parts have been recorded during various sessions. The approach this time round has been quite different from the approach used during the recording of South Of The Delta. Our main aim has been to capture the energy and soul of the music.

On 25th October, I recorded all my drum parts for the six songs, this time abandoning the electric drum kit / samples approach to recording my parts and opting for good old live drum kit. What a joy to hear real live drums on a BAiT recording! Chris and Nick were both on hand as recording engineers and to nod politely when they agreed that I had nailed the part, or shake their heads when it was time for another take. Two or three takes of each track were enough to give us a definitive drum track for each song.

ChrisOver the course of the next couple of band evenings, Chris recorded all the bass parts to the tracks, and again, this happened without too much fuss. Having completed the bass parts, he quickly picked up his trusty electric guitar and put down all the guitar parts, which were enhanced all the more thanks to his recent purchase of a Line 6 Pod XT Live - very nice. Once more, Chris put down the guitar parts in record time.

During the last week, Nick recorded his keyboard parts. As with the drums, Nick's approach to recording the keyboard parts has changed since the recording sessions for South Of The Delta. Whereas previously, software synths were employed on some parts of the keyboard lines, and then appropriate matching sounds were found on Nick's keyboards for live versions, this time, Nick has opted to use the sounds straight from his keyboards.

This week, we'll be making a start on the vocals, and, as with the instrument parts, our intention is to ensure that we capture all our vocals as honestly as possible, without going over the top on production.

NickThe upshot of the new approach has been that it has taken much less time to record our parts, and the sound is far more vibrant and not so 'over-produced'. Quite honestly, we're very pleased with the new songs we have written together, the arrangements, and the speed at which the whole process has taken place. It has been far more enjoyable than our previous recording sessions, simply because the whole band is far more relaxed.

As a bit of fun, we recorded the whole recording process on a camcorder and are considering putting a DVD together and putting some video clips on the website. Watch this space...

On the bass player front, there have been some developments, but it's still to early to say much about this. We will keep you posted.

Keep on popping in. We'll have more news soon.


7th September 2004: Wot, still no bass player?

BAiT are caught in the current mass wave of bands requiring bass players in the West Midlands and Warwickshire region, and it's making progress on the gigging front a little difficult at the moment. The band has continued its live rehearsals remarkably successfully over the last couple of months using a bass backing track and with John taking on Andy's backing vocal duties, which, contrary to his initial reluctance, he seems to be enjoying now. There was some discussion as to whether gigs could take place using the bass backing track idea, but this has been ruled out (certainly in the short to medium term).

There have been three bass players to date who have been very promising candidates, and who would have fitted in with well, but who have all been based too far away to make rehearsals practical. So, at the moment, it's just a waiting game.

Unfortunately, the bass player situation has required that the band's appearance at Howes school in October be cancelled.

In the meantime, Chris, Nick, and John have started to write new material together, and the first results are very promising. The guys are looking forward to thrashing out the ideas live in the rehearsal room, and may well start to piece together a new album rather sooner than had been expected. In the absence of a dedicated bass player, Chris is assuming the role of four-string player in the provisional demos.

Rest assured, the band are still keeping themselves busy; even if it's not obvious to the wider public at the moment.

27th July 2004: Andy's gone - BAiT move on

BAiT are sad to announce that Andy and BAiT have parted company. Andy will be pursuing his solo music projects and writing. As a founding member of BAiT, Andy helped shape the sound of the band and was instrumental (no pun intended) in the success of the band to date, We'd like to thank him for all his hard work and wish him well for the future, As a consequence, BAiT are looking for a new bass player.

27th June 2004: From the rehearsal room to the rehearsal stage

BAiT rehearsal on 26-06-2004BAiT take to the stage for the first time in some time, albeit for further rehearsals and sound system checks. Whilst the band was rehearsing, we had time to take a couple of snaps, which are over in the image gallery. The good news is that the session went quite well.

In further developments, the band has been re-examining some of its older material for possible exhumation! Nick has been the leading light in this process, and the early signs are positive. Three tracks from Shut Up And Take A Seat and two tracks from Not In My Back Yard are up for consideration, including a track which the band has never before performed live.

It looks as though the band will be capable of playing in the known band venues with in-house sound systems, but will also be capable working independently, with our own P.A. and lighting rig. This should open up a wide range of possibilities in terms of gigs. Discussions are currently taking place between the band and a booking agent known well to the guys. Seems as though there are interesting times ahead in the not-too-distant future.

15th June 2004: Two in the eyes for our drummer (Chivers’ ocular jelly gets a good zapping!)

Drummer of the Damned – John hangs out with some of his recently lasered buddiesMost ‘normal’ people like to celebrate their birthday with a few drinks - and maybe a smile to the wife for those lovely M&S grundies… but not our Mr Chivers! He prefers to go out and get both his eyeballs toasted at Boots with a high-powered laser.

“Commence primary ignition!”

John undertook this delicate operation so he could finally ‘see where the hell he was going’ without the benefit of fiddly contacts or £350 specs! It will also help correct a slight tendency to poke Nick in the ear with a drumstick every Saturday when attempting some tricky hi-hat work. When asked about Monday’s ‘dread zappery’, John replied: “It was fine, except the smell from my eyes was a bit like burning hair!”

Fans of our tub-thumper will be pleased to hear that he is recovering nicely and will be returning to his well-worn stool in time for the next rehearsal – when it is rumoured an ex-member of BAiT may be popping in for a visit. John will also be returning some of the generous gifts from his fellow band-members, namely: the badly painted white cane and stuffed Labrador puppy.

16th May 2004 – You've bought the t-shirt; now buy the album. Credit cards now accepted in Music Shop

If you haven't already got hold of a copy of BAiT's latest album, South Of The Delta, you can now buy it (and the rest of the BAiT back catalogue) on CD or in MP3 format using credit or debit card directly from the Music Shop page.

South Of The Delta costs only £6.00 (excluding postage and packing) on CD and only £3.00 to download as MP3s.

All credit card payments take place through PayPal's secure website, so you can shop with confidence.

10th May 2004 – New merchandise up for grabs

BAiT MerchandiseThe BAiT merchandise store has been given an overhall, with all merchandise updated to the South Of The Delta theme and new products available. Note that items ship from the U.S.A., so the more you buy, the better - honest.

Click here to go directly to the store. Happy shopping!

5th May 2004 – BAiT hit the Big Screen

BAiT ScreensaverWell, alright - not quite the big screen. Nevertheless, you can now save your screen with the BAiT screensaver. Click here to download the screensaver (1233 KB). Once the file has downloaded, unzip the contents to a folder on your hard drive and run the set-up program.

On to things more musical, rehearsals continue and are going very well. The band is working methodically through the tracks from South Of The Delta for live presentation. Judging by recent rehearsal recordings, the live sound does, as was intended, reflect the album arrangements (with an added extra I don't know what). Current progress would indicate that the band will be ready to gig at the end of June, and enquiries are being made into suitable venues for upcoming dates. As soon as the first gig is confirmed, we will of course let you know. Stay tuned.

15th March 2004 – The Last Mastering of BAiT

Draycote(‘Beware the Eides of March’ – Julius Caesar Act I, Scene II)

Well they’ve finally nailed the S.O.D (South of the Delta)!

Saturday was a seriously busy day for the BAiTer boys, arriving early at Granny’s Studio to flick the finishing touches deftly onto the album mastering process before hurrying off for their photo-shoot at an undisclosed location in the Warwickshire countryside – not far from where they film the Teletubbies allegedly. After some full-on exposed japes by the mysterious lake, and a short argument about who wanted to be Tinky Winky, they retired to John’s pad to crack the champagne before heading off into town for a celebratory feed and to catch a live band at the Nag’s in Nuneaton.

Cheers!Next Saturday the LIVE rehearsals begin in earnest… well actually in Cheylesmore. There’s a lot of work to do preparing to get the old BAiT Roadshow back into gear - initially figuring out some new technical stuff and making sure the existing equipment is fairly non-lethal (to band and audience alike!)

Fortunately, BAiT have gone out of their way to write their latest album with live performance in mind, making sure what you hear on the disk will be as-near-as-damned to what you’ll get when you come to see them.

BAiT’s third album South of the Delta is available to buy either on-line or at future gigs. See the discography page to hear sound snippets.

See you out there soon!

3rd January, 2004 - Album vocals finished; it's mixing time!

Well, after a very hectic December, the news is that all the album vocals have been completed, despite the local onslaught of various colds and sore throats. Thanks go to BAiT alumnum, Ben Campbell, for the use of his rather splendid AKG C414 B-ULS microphone, which has given the recorded vocals great clarity.

Mixing has already begun over the Christmas holiday and is going very well to date. Once mixing and mastering have been done, the album will be finished and ready to press to CD.

Chris, Andy, Nick, and John are very much looking forward to starting live rehearsals in the very near future, with a view to gigging in March or April.

Watch this space.