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2002 News Archive

December 2002. A new chapter looms. BAiT back in the studio.

John in the studioBAiT have been back in the studio over the last couple of weeks, putting down the initial tracks for five new original songs. Throughout November, the band occupied itself with the arrangement of these tracks during rehearsals. As usual, the recording techniques used have been further refined since the Shut Up And Take A Seat sessions, and the new material will form the basis of BAiT's new sound; a return to the power trio format (in the absence of a keyboard player). Lead vocal responsibilities are being taken by Chris and Andy, whilst BAiT's vocal harmonies continue to play a crucial role in the band's sound.

Freebie! A quick trip over to our Sounds page will give you the chance to download BAiT alumnus, Ben Campbell's, remix of Freefalling Sunshine. This mix of Freefalling Sunshine was originally to appear on Shut Up And Take A Seat as a bonus track, but wasn't really finished to make the first production run. Ben came up with the goods recently, so we thought that we'd stick it on the website as a special feature. On the subject of Ben, John will sitting in for their normal drummer, Jodie, in Ben's current band, Mr Ben, for some upcoming gigs.

BAiT are gearing up for their final gig with Dan on New Year's Eve. The gig will be at one of the venues BAiT has visited on several occasions and is sure to be an intimate but lively affair.

October 2002. BAiT loses its front parts - a message from the band!

With sadness, we announce the upcoming departure from the band of lead-singer and front man, Dan. Dan's decision has been made as a result of many external factors, none of which have anything to do with relationships within the band, which are probably better than ever before. Dan will continue to write songs in his own time and plans to dedicate his time to promoting this side of his musical skills.

Dan has been with BAiT from the outset in 1996, when he teamed up with Andy, initially as an acoustic duo, shortly afterwards recruiting John from Dan and Johns' previous band. He has been a catalyst in many of the key decisions over the years and showed particular courage and determination when he put down his guitar and became the dedicated and professional front man he has become.

We stress, particularly to those who know us personally, that there is no animosity involved in Dan's decision. Dan has committed to play the remainder of the gigs this year and the band's approach to these gigs has been and will be 'business as usual'. We remain and will always be the best of friends.

From the band's point of view, Dan's decision is the metaphorical 'cloud with a silver lining'. BAiT have played the covers circuit for several years, initially as a means to pay for the rather impressive kit we have built up, and latterly, because we kept being asked back. Despite this, BAiT has continued to develop its original material. We are, by nature, an originals band and have a passion for songwriting. Whilst playing other peoples' material allows for access to the larger and better gigs on the circuit (and boy, have we served our apprenticeship on the circuit!), it is not our raison d'être, and has become more and more of a chore than a joy to the whole band. Dan's decision to quit has forced the issue (queue sigh of relief) and BAiT will be retiring from the covers circuit at the end of 2002.

That is not to say that we will be curling up in a corner and dying - no sirreee! With great excitement, Andy, Chris and John will be (and are already) writing new material, with quite a different sound. Initially, we are looking forward to the break from live performance and a concerted effort to write and record quality studio material - we have the technology and the capability to do this. In the medium / long term, we will probably look to performing this material live at smaller venues, for little or no remuneration, but to appreciative, music-loving audiences; in the meantime, we relish the thought of songwriting and studio work. We are in the fortunate position of having three vocalists in the band, and will be exploiting this in our future material.

It is also our intention to find the elusive keyboard player for the new incarnation of the band, to contribute further to our sound. The successful recruit will share our primary motivation to write songs and love of original material. We are not seeking Rick Wakemans or Keith Emersons to fill this position, but somebody who recognises the importance of what you don't play as much as what you do play. Techno-flash ability is not important - a solid musical grounding is. If you match this description or know of any other suitable candidate, Whilst the lack of keyboard player will not prevent the development of new material, it would be handy to have such a contribution available at the outset.

So, all change again. Our gig on New Year's Eve will represent a watershed in BAiT's history. It we be an occasion of mixed emotions as we wave goodbye to Dan, but consign the covers gigs to history. HOORAH!

August 2002. Wedding Bells and Summer Holidays

Da Boys in suitsOn Saturday 17th August, Andy married Nicki just 'up the road' in Hinckley, Leicestershire. BAiT were all in attendance at the happy occasion (John was Best Man and Dan gave an excellent reading and performed sterling service as unofficial photographer for the day) and a splendid time was had by all.

Following a week's break, the happy couple spent their honeymoon embarked on a European Tour (t-shirts available soon). Apparently, the Czech leg of the tour was rained off.

Given the time of year and Andy's wedding, the band has had a small break, during which time Dan has been renovating his house, John has passed his motorcycle practical test, and Chris has been sleeping, sorry, upgrading his home studio with various new-fangled gadgets.

During the break, John has finally got round to building his Flarotron (this was originally the working name for his electronic tuned percussion pad project, but the name seems to have stuck now!). You can read all about it here.

Shut Up And Take A Seat sold over 50 copies during the first half of the month and the band is looking to promote it further in upcoming gigs.

July 2002. Shut Up And Take A Seat - The new BAiT Album

Shut Up And Take A Seat CoverBAiT's New Album, Shut Up And Take A Seat, is now available. The last process of mixing and mastering the album went fairly smoothly and more quickly than we could have hoped.

The BAiT organisation is very pleased with the outcome. Once again, the lads have put together an album of various song styles, with something for all fans of real music.

Recording the album has had its challenges, with the departure of Ben in the middle of recording and the in-at-the-deep-end approach Chris has brought to the tracks on which he has performed. Chris has shown great enthusiasm and dedication to the whole project, despite the whole 'baptism of fire' experience. Ben, for his part, returned to prominence during the final stage of mixing-down tracks recorded at The Depot studios in Coventry.

See the Shut Up And Take A Seat page for more details and sound samples.

June 2002. Almost There... (Stay On Target!)...

BAiT are a gnat's cock away from completing work on their second studio album, Shut Up And Take A Seat. All recording has been completed and the band is now mixing down and mastering the finished songs, initially at Silke Studios. This is a fairly time-consuming process, but the proceedings are advancing more quickly than all of us could have hoped. The live studio material recorded at The Depot studios remains to be mixed and mastered and time has been earmarked by our alumni and man-on-the-inside, Ben Campbell, for this purpose. The album artwork is pretty much completed and a CD pressing agency has been sourced. Touch MDF, all should be ready for a late July / early August release of the album.

At the time of writing, Chris has just played his fifth gig with BAiT, and is settling in nicely. He has had a tough task, getting to grips with all the live material in such a short time, but is already getting to the stage where he can really enjoy the live gigs, rather than putting all his effort into playing the correct chords and lead lines, and remembering BAiT's arrangements of cover versions. Chris' contribution as a full 1/4 of BAiT has been invaluable in the studio already. He has played some blinding lines on Shut Up And Take A Seat and lent his vocal talents to some of the material.

The band will be returning to the studio soon, to arrange and rehearse the Shut Up And Take A Seat songs (and more) for live performance on the gig circuit. Looking slightly further ahead, the guys are looking forward to writing new material as a four-piece.

April 2002. Welcome Chris!

Chris recording on Shut Up And Take A SeatBAiT's search for a new guitarist finally bore fruit this month with the arrival of Chris Johnson. Chris is a guitarist with many years experience as a guitarist/songwriter, and as front-man of the former Coventry band, The Cherry Stones.

Chris has already shown himself very keen to get up-and-running as soon as possible with BAiT's set and there has been quite a bit of mutual admiration going on between the guys in the band and their new plank-spanker. He is already putting down guitar tracks at Silke studios for Shut Up And Take A Seat, with a view to these tracks being performed live to coincide with his first gig with the band, and, if that weren't enough, he has immersed himself into learning the covers set and rehearsing the new original material with the band.

Chris recording on Shut Up And Take A SeatTo find out a little bit more about Chris, you can visit his website, We hope to have more of his input on this site in the near future, when he has some time to breathe!

Ben, in the meantime, is as busy as ever with his studio work and music degree (amongst his many activities). He is still very much involved in completing work on the new album, before he finally steps aside to make way for Chris. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ben for all his input into BAiT's ongoing development and in particular for his work as musician and 'desk pilot' on Shut Up And Take A Seat. The band hope that Ben's involvement with BAiT will continue in the future, probably in the guise of producer, and wish him all the best with his future career.

April 2002. BAiT Merchandise Up For Grabs

BAiT Baseball ShirtOkay, so we may not be a platinum-selling band yet, but we do have our loyal fan base. For those of you who can't get enough of our bumph, why not take a look at our merchandise shop at

Frosted GlassWhether your bag is, well,.... bags - or maybe sun visors, aprons, mini basketball hoops, or just plain old t-shirts, you'll find it all at Cafepress. Unfortunately, the merchandise guys only have a U.S. outlet, so our home fans will just have to cough up the few dollars postage costs. Sorry, it's just out of our hands.

Please let us know what you think of the merchandise if you go ahead and buy any.

March 2002. Shut Up And Take A Seat - New studio footage

Shut Up And Take A Seat video footageThe video section of the website now has additional footage of the band during a recent visit to the Depot Studios, Coventry.

A sequel to the footage shot in September last year, the new video was shot by BAiT's new Road Manager, Pete (see below) and shows BAiT at work (and rather too much play), recording vocal lines and additional keyboard parts for the upcoming album, Shut Up And Take A Seat.

March 2002. BAiT website's musician / band noticeboard

Musician's NoticeboardGiven the current thrust to find an appropriate and worthy successor to Ben as BAiT's lead guitarist (as yet unsuccessful), it has become painfully apparent that this is no easy task. The search goes on...

With this is mind, we have put together our own noticeboard for those of you who are in similar positions - on the lookout for bands or musicians.

The service is completely free. As opponents of SPAM mail, we can assure you that your e-mail address will not be disclosed in mailing lists to third parties. You won't even get any mail from us (other than that related to the noticeboard itself).

See the Musician's Noticeboard to find out more.

February, 2002 – Welcome Pete!

PeteGigging is a dangerous game, and those poor BAiTer boys have been out there on their lonesome ever since their last road-manager (Ian) went the way of Ben’s Abra-Kebab-ra Donner in Dublin.

Enter Peter Hunt, BAiT’s latest recruit. Pete has joined them as Road Manager and Security. He’s a big friendly dude with a great attitude and cool background, having been in music himself for many years (BRMB radio, and various studio and DJ projects).

The lads are quite simply chuffed-to-eck to have him around, especially when things get a little tight with the crowd and some friendly persuasion is in order. Pete is also a great guy to have a laugh and a beer with, plus he’s helping the boys with their sound–check and also shooting some video footage in the studio for their forthcoming album and the website.

January 2002. Bass Player Wishes to Flog Sportscar – Anybody Interested?

MGBGTWith marriage and mortgage on the horizon, Andy is selling his baby. She is a lovingly restored MGBGT (1800cc – Chrome with Rostyle Wheels) with overdrive, reconditioned UNLEADED engine (7000 miles!), new gearbox, transmission, alarm, good stereo, good interior and bodywork. MOT until June 2002, tax until March 2002. She has been regularly driven and pampered for 3 years, with a FULL SERVICE HISTORY and BILLS for your inspection as well as a genuine Heritage Certificate and Insurance Valuation Certificate for £5000.

Because he has nowhere safe to store her, he needs a quick sale, that’s why he’s letting her go for only £1800.

Call Andy Pitcher anytime on 07787 140742 – quick before he changes his mind.