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2001 News Archive

December 2001: Goodbye George / Album Progress

Firstly we gotta say a big THANK YOU and God Bless to George Harrison (MBE) for giving us the benefit of having known him, through his music. His influence on OUR trade, in particular, has been immeasurable and his recent passing is felt by all musicians across the planet - Namaste George!

On a happier note, BAiT's new album continues to be worked on with vocals, additional keyboard/guitar arrangements going down at every available moment. There is even a working title and album sleeve design - but that's still fairly classified. What we can tell you though is that the second album will feature 12 tracks (including a LIVE number!), with 2 additional 'bonus' tracks which will be artful re-mixes. It's gonna be a LOTTA FUN. so we'll keep you informed!

And, if we don't see you before, we'd like to wish all our regular viewers a very happy and safe Christmas - thanks for your support!!

November 1st: John writes in defence of Prog Rock

Seminal drum magazine Rhythm publish John's "...yours, ever so slightly miffed..." letter in their Christmas issue. After the endless press knocking of John's favourite type of music (outside BAiT, of course), he finally put pen to paper (or finger to key) and gave them the last piece of his mind. Click here to read the letter. It's funny - John's not the only one to think like this. See the following article, taken from The Times.

October 25th: Rules of Engagement - Andy's bin gon and dun it!

Andy and Nic tossing on the North SeaCongratulations to our anarchic bassist Mr Pitcher, who surprised his lovely girlfriend Nicola with a terrifying offer of marriage recently. Nicola Crossley (who is normally quite sane.REALLY), actually accepted his offer (of a shiny ring-pull), over a Shandy Bass and jar of Pickled Eggs, last Thursday night. A date has yet to be fixed, although rumours of a Worcestershire extravaganza are not entirely unfounded, provided they can find a decent band for the reception (ha bloody ha!).

Pictured are the happy coupling opening a bottle of Moet in the cabin of their cruise ferry whilst tossing on the North Sea.

October 2nd: Unto us a child is born

Philippa Jade ChiversIn the early hours of the morning (02:53, to be precise), John and Emma welcome their second child, Philippa Jade, to the world.

Emma and Pippa are both well and are looking forward to coming home.

September 27th: Air guitar, bass and drums are dead! Long live VirtuGuitar, VirtuBass, and VirtuDrums!

You can now play along with your favourite BAiT songs by going to the VirtuGuitar, VirtuBass or VirtuDrums pages. To play along, you will need to have the Macromedia Flash Player enabled in your browser.

To save costs and set-up time at gigs, we are considering just bringing along 3 PCs and plugging straight into the P.A. Alright - maybe I made that bit up!

September 16th

Nearly 18 months on from their last (NIMBY) studio frolics, the boys from the Bait-Stuff found themselves banged-up in the central Coventry Depot Studios for the day. Their Master Producer was none other than Ben 'shut up and take a seat' Campbell, who is also featured on lead guitar and hot chip-batch. This first session concentrated on getting as much of the latest original material down as possible, with John's spankin' new drumkit, Andy's 4001 and Dan's 12-string electro-acoustic making their sonic debut in a professional studio environment.

In any event they managed to quoff plenty of mugs of coffee, scoff some seriously greasy grub and miss the Grand Prix to record some splendid takes of: 'Anyway', 'Freefalling Sunshine', 'Righteous', 'Rollercoaster World', 'Thought Train' and 'Light and the Dark'.

They also shot some splendiferous digital video footage throughout the session, which you can view (alongside some snapshots) here. All that remains now is to complete the vocals and tweek the mixing. Watch this space!!

September 15th, 2001

11th September 2001 - Information from terroristattack.comBait are recorded LIVE at the Massey Club in Coventry. The crowd gave the boys a warm welcome back and (at long last) the energy and sheer tightness of Bait-in-the-Buff (so to speak), can be heard in glorious stereo.

We offer our condolences to all those directly affected by the events of 11th September in New York, regardless of nationality, religion or creed. Click the ribbon for further information on how you can help victims. Click here to make a donation to the American Red Cross.

September 2001: Bait seeks to expand its horizons (and membership)

The last few weeks have seen Bait concentrating on writing new material. This is set to continue over the next few weeks (and months) in preparation for further recording and live work in the shape of a new original set. The songs are coming together pretty well and the band is very much looking forward to performing them on the stage. In the meantime, the gigs continue (with the new originals being tried out whenever and wherever possible).

On the down side, Ben has announced his intention to leave the band within the next few months. This is due to his current work commitments and the fact that he will be studying towards a music degree from October. He (and the rest of the band) are sad that he is leaving, but Ben will remain in close contact and will help out the band however he can, subject to his own workload! In the meantime, he has been fully involved in writing the new material and will be involved in performing and producing the band's upcoming studio work.

With the coming changes, Bait will be pushing ahead with new material whilst the band membership is once more realigned. The desire is to recruit a new guitarist of the same caliber as Ben (and Dave before him) and (because John won't stop going on about it!) a keyboard player: this would enable the band to write and perform more demanding and interesting material - such material has been written in the past, but has had to be put aside due to the impracticalities of performing it live. Unfortunately, good keyboard players are like gold dust nowadays, so this may prove to be very difficult. If you think you could fit the bill of new guitarist or keyboard player, take a look at the jobs page.

On the bright side, BAiT's working relationship with Jeff Powles has taken a change for the better. Jeff has made the move from agent to manager, subject to written agreements, etc. Jeff and the band have worked together for the last few months and have developed a good and honest working relationship. Bait have shown Jeff that they are committed and reliable and Jeff has shown the band that he is action and not just talk. Jeff's role is all the more important because he has done the rounds in bands himself - he knows the business, has operated a successful music agency himself and has had his own songs published.

On an aside, Andy and John went to see Dave in his new band recently. If you get the chance, go and see them. Called Area 51, they are a solid 5 piece covers band playing a range of material.

June 2001: John gets his kit out

In the middle of last month, John finally took delivery of a brand spanking new drum kit - a six piece Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute drumkit, including a lovely brass snare drum. The kit made its debut at Dave's last gig with Bait (oh the irony!) and has since been out at a couple of gigs. Sounding and looking good, it provides an excellent backdrop to Bait's stage act.

The other major breakthrough of recent is the final return of some Bait originals to the set list. Now that all things financial seem much improved, the band has dedicated its full rehearsal schedule to writing and arranging new material. Rehearsals have suddenly become very enjoyable as the band rediscover the joys of composition - yes indeed - THIS IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT FOLKS!

On the live front, Ben has very much settled into the set now and has joined the other three chaps on vocal duties. Four vocals AND instruments - what a novelty - it'll never take off. So, if you want a taste of Bait's return to their vocation as an original band, get down to one of their gigs soon.

April 2001: Enter Ben - Bait's new guitarist

Following last month's rather sad events, Bait have some happy news. The quest to find a replacement for Dave has been a successful one and the newest member of Bait is Ben Campbell - a 24 year old guitarist with a wide range of experience in various musical projects. The band has been hard at work in the rehearsal room, getting Ben up to speed with the current covers gig list, with a view to getting him playing live as soon as possible. The first rehearsals have been very promising, with Ben throwing himself into learning the covers.

Bait's finances and the new situation with Ben see the band in a position to return to writing original material in the very near future. Everyone involved is keen to get back to writing original songs and to start incorporating such work into upcoming gigs.

Regarding the gig situation, Bait now have Jeff Powells working in close association with the band to book gigs. Jeff originally booked the band for one of our now regular venues, The Beer Engine in Coventry, and was sufficiently impressed with the band both live and on the now long-forgotten album NIMBY to make advances towards acting as Bait's booking agent. To date he has done us proud and the relationship looks like it will develop to everyone's mutual benefit.

March 2001: All change!

The last few weeks have been quite eventful in Bait's life. The band met recently to discuss Dave's future involvement in Bait This was due to Dave working with another band in order to earn a full-time living from playing music. Whilst the remaining three members (Dan, Andy and John) were sympathetic about Dave's reasons for working with the other band and had indeed offered encouragement and support in this, it was felt that the situation was becoming impractical, due to the resulting restriction of available dates for Bait gigs. This was recognised by all in the band and so the sad conclusion was that Dave would have to part company with the band.

This decision has been a hard one for all involved. Dave has made a very valuable contribution to BAiT over the past few months and has played an important role in the band's professional development. Dave's departure has been amicable - he has offered to session for the band when necessary whilst a new guitarist is integrated into the lineup. The remaining members wish him all the very best with his future ventures.

Time to find a new guitarist...

March 2001: 150 NOT OUT, and the BAiTBaND goes marching on.

With spring hardly sprung, the boys continue to have fun juggling incoming agency bookings, auditions and a tight gigging schedule. Three notable venues have emerged as regular BAiTable hotspots: O'Neil's (Birmingham), The Rocket (Coventry) and the Beer Engine (Coventry). The latter Far Gosford Street ale-dispensary has practically become their second-home, with Gaz having installed their NIMBY album on his jukebox (top-bloke!!).

Plans for Operation Getaway are also underway as the lads are planning a week away in an isolated location. The idea is to find a secluded farmhouse or cottage in which to chill, write and record new material. The result should be a brand-new four-piece demo comprising of top original material. More info as and when we get it.

January 1st, 2001: HAPPY NEW YEAR - It's one minute after eight!

Having had a very profitable Christmas and New Year's Eve, the boys are now hard at work on a brand-new originals set, as well as starting the recording of their 'business busting' EP. But to summarise December, I can only say...

Santa's Pod: Dave woke up Christmas Morning to find that his guitar tone was now more 'deep and crisp and even' than ever, courtesy of his new industry standard POD FX unit.

Multi-Tinselral: John took delivery of a 7.5 kg Yamaha AN1X virtual analogue keyboard (try to get hold of one of these babies - they're like gold dust!) and is now practising his scales in the company of the Chemical Brothers.

Ricky the Red-Nosed Bass Gear: Andy is still deeply in love with his Rickenbacker 4001, having got back ON THE HOOK and clacked it around several Midland's venues throughout December.

...and the Stocking Filler: Dan's getting himself tarted-up with a whole new front-man kit for a cooler NEW YEAR, having already had several offers (over the festive period) to remove his current outfit (FOR MONEY!!)


PS: Oh and this Month's BAiT CAR-TROUBLE 'Foxtrot Oscar, you F#cking W$nkers' Award goes out to the joyriding tosspots who decided to nick and our Dave's Montego Turbo and trash it just before Christmas. Joy to the World eh? - oh, and try not to get nicked next time!